Privacy Policy

Our Commitment To You:

This Privacy Policy has been developed and implemented to confirm our commitment to providing high quality services, high quality products and client service that is underlined by integrity and honesty. The full policy is applicable in relations with all clients and partners without exception and will define how we collect, collate, use and protect any and all personal or business information that is provided to us at any given time. It should therefore equip you to make an informed decision when using any products and services that we provide. However, you should also be aware that this Privacy Policy will evolve as a direct result of assessments in relation to new technologies, customer wants and needs and improvements that are made to business practices.

The Information We Collect

We collect and deal with two different forms of personal information on our website. Firstly, there is personal information, which you choose to provide to us and knowingly do so. The second type is related to the use of the website and is collected on an aggregate and not an individual basis.

Credit Card Information

Should you decide to make a purchase from us or related partners, you will ultimately be required to provide personal information. To purchase any products or services, you will need to confirm credit card or service details and provide authorization for us to take an agreed monetary sum in payment. Credit services as mentioned previously include but are not limited to PayPal or 2Checkout or Alertpay.

Email Information

Whenever a purchase is made, whether of products or services, we will need to confirm your email should further correspondence be necessary. If you choose to communicate electronically with us, we reserve the right to retain the content of messages sent to and by us in addition to your email address. All emails are treated with the same regard and level of protection as telephone and main communications.

The Use Of Information Provided To Us

All personal information that is provided to us is used specifically to administer the highest level of customer service and ensure that our business activities are fulfilling customer needs to the best of our ability. As and when necessary, we will also use personal information to notify you of any changes to our website. This includes but is not limited to new products and services, special offers and changes to terms and conditions of use. We may contact existing and prospective customers alike. All service and offer information provided to you will maintain the highest level of security and safeguard your interests, personal information and privacy to the best of our ability. You may be given the opportunity to decline these offers and notifications at least once annually.

About Cookies

Cookies can be found in all web browser software because they provide web servers with the fundamentally useful ability to recognize an individual computer when it accesses a website. Cookies are effectively small data packages that are stored on the hard drive of a computer with details about the web pages accesses and the activity of the user. They can subsequently simplify interaction and make it easier to navigate from one page to the next whilst completing commercial transactions. In effect, they help to personalize your Internet experience.

How We Use The Information Collected Via Cookies

We use Cookies as a matter of routine to identify browsing activities and gather information that can help us to improve the customer experience we provide. All the aggregate information gathered enables us to design web pages with you in mind and generally improve our services. Our aim is to provide a user-friendly website and service and this is the best way for us to assess what our clients want and need.

New Services And Changes Notification

We reserve the right to use information we collect in order to send notifications regarding any important changes that we choose to make to the website, new products and services, and special offers. As a customer, you may request that such information ceases to be sent to you via a response box sent with each offer or alternatively by sending your request via electronic means.

The Disclosure Of Information

We reserve the right to provide third parties with aggregate information about our website. This includes but is not limited to sales, traffic patterns and customer aggregate information. We may pass it on to affiliates and trusted third parties at any time, but will never pass on any personally identifying information or data outside of the terms set out in this Privacy Policy.

Disclosure of Information In Accordance With The Law

We fully reserve the right to disclose any and all information that we are compelled to reveal by law. This includes both incidences in which documentation is produced by legal authorities and also when we need to protect our own legal rights.

External Website Links

Those websites that link to or from this site are in no way our responsibility and the content outlined on external sites cannot be guaranteed as accurate. We may link to websites to highlight points made or on issues that visitors may find useful. However, it is worth bearing in mind that our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions no longer bind you when navigating away from this site. Instead, you automatically become a subject of the terms as laid out on that particular website.

Providing Your Consent

Your use of our website implies that you are giving your full and unreserved consent to collect and collate your personal information as outlined fully in this Privacy Policy. We also reserve the right to change this policy at any time without notice and so your continued use will also imply your full acceptance of the new terms.