Photo Contest Script V3.0


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Click Your Way To Mega Earnings With This Amazing Photo Contest PHP Script Version 3.08 !
Free upgrades to version 3.99

First Release Date : 20 August 2009 – Version 3.00
Latest Version Updated : 22 October 2010 – Version 3.09

Make sure you have latest version if you buy version 3.0 as its free updates.

Free upgrade for members and buyers for version 3 Only older versions no longer supported or updated.



What’s New For version 3.09 :

* Minor bug fixes and improvements.

* Installation Feature implanted.
What’s New For version 3.08 :

* Minor bug fixes and improvements.

* Forums is improved & Admin panel is able to access forum admin directly.

What’s New For version 3.07 :

* Minor updates and fixes links and errors fixed.

* New Option to disable and enable fourms.

What’s New For version 3.0 :

* Module Engine so you will able to get modules add-ons, and upload and view loading by progress bar…
* Better Look and better admin control and easier to control over the system.
* More options for the photo contest have been added.
* Major security bugs were fixed.
* Locking votes per IP
* Enable or Disable Votes when contest running
* Better performance over the system and faster to use.
* Multilingual Feature can been added to script.
* Enable or disable captcha for Voting on contests
* Set Cookie Life Time
* Use any Ad html code with javascript, also Adsense code supported.


Product Description and more information:

Social networking sites are well and truly in fashion now. Their founders are earning millions every single year, but with the right backing, you could do the same! All you need is the script to start your own social networking site and you’re ready to earn mega bucks! Why not take advantage of an innovative idea and start your own fun photo contest site?


Build a fast online community and cash in on the fashionable demand!
With Open Source code that you can edit it as you like, the sky is the limit! With unlimited photo contests, weekly or monthly prizes and the hobby crowd as well as the professionals, you can really cash in on the opportunity to build a web 2 online community site in just a few days.

High-quality digital photography contest sites have well and truly emerged in recent years and all have been incredibly successful because the contests are fun, exciting and challenging for everyone involved. You can have a laugh, show off your talent and aim for fantastic prizes all at the same time so you really do get a win-win situation that appeals to everyone!


There is still a huge gap in the market though for original ideas. Could your ideas fill that? Could you capitalize on an amazing opportunity to rule the Internet and make money? After all, the sky is the limit with endless photo contest opportunities, such as:

Christmas Special Photo Contest
Valentine’s Day Romantic Contest
Halloween Photo Contest
Special Event Photo contest
People & Portraits
Couples Contest
Baby Contest
Toddler Contest
Pet Photo Contest And so much more…

This really is a revolutionary program with a vast array of amazing features. It will attract high quality traffic and provide an excellent online experience for the photographer in everyone. With such fantastic site options, can you afford not to take a chance:

» You can show exactly who got more votes
» Display amazing photo galleries
» All people to search for specific photos
» View the work of previous winners in a dedicated gallery
» Take a look at photos that lost in a dedicated gallery

» Choose the “Picture of the Day”
» Display the “Top 100 Pictures” voted for
» A feature for people to recommend friends
» Get involved with an “Integrated Community Forum”

This really does provide you with the ultimate system, complete with the facilities to form an amazing online community and get people involved! As other social networking sites have shown, nobody can resist!

This system works in a completely automated way, including automatic account approval, so it could effectively run itself while earning more cash for you! Encourage users to spread the word and build a fantastic community with little or no input on your part. Who knew that making money from social interaction could be so easy?

This amazing photo contest system provides you with amazing possibilities and endless opportunities to cash in. With your members spreading the word, you can watch traffic increase and the potential for advertising to jump up within days! After all, more visitors mean more advertisers and more revenue as a direct result!

Why not take full advantage of the site’s popularity as well by adding links to your existing ventures and websites? Capitalize on the traffic and kill several birds with one stone by sharing it all. You will soon see a huge conversion boost and thus a massive increase in your revenue!  Whether you choose to run Adsense or another publisher on your social site, you can make a killing because click thrus will go through the roof!


And you can reap all of the above rewards when having fun! Visitors will return over and over to check in for new contests, new friends to talk to and hints and tips from amateurs and professionals alike. These sites are highly addictive so make sure that yours is so you can benefit!

Anyone can run and manage a successful online venture but long term success and profits largely depends on the techniques you develop and the product you have on offer. An online community is a winner every time and something that virtually manages itself if you set t up correctly. Whether you built a community in your spare time or as an extension to a full time photography job, you can help others and help yourself, professionally as well as financially.

ONE WORD OF CAUTION – Before you establish your social networking site, make sure that you do your homework and locate a gap in the market. Boosting interest will definitely help you to profit so it has to be here in the first place. Avoid saturated market spots, work the gaps and listen to your target market if you want to be fresh, happening and of interests to potential visitors.

Hosting Requirements (please check so that the script runs correctly):

Linux Server
Php 4.3 or higher
MySQL Database 4.1.21 or higher
GD 2

Trust me, there is no other script out there like this so it is a one of a kind opportunity. You will not find a better product out there so buy it now while it is available at this ridiculously low price! You can make the price back in no time at all but show a little faith and tap into the demands of society today!

P.S. Our easy to install software is just that, although it does come with a manual should you have an issue with installation. The step by step process is in there. However, we do offer professional installation for a small fee, should you need it.


Earning Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to ensure that we have accurately represented our product and the potential earnings that may result from its use. Any claims and all figures mentioned in relation to actual earnings do not constitute a guarantee or represent the average person. There is no available guarantee that you will achieve similar results because your level of success will depend on your own motivation, dedication and hard work. There is a risk of loss of capital involved and you may not earn any money at all.

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