Web Script/Application Installation Service




Web Script Installation Service :

Save yourself  & the time and frustration and money ..
There are many free and open source scripts out there that makes your website run more efficiently. The only problem is that you have to have a basic knowledge of FTP, MySQL, and maybe even SSH to get them installed and working properly. If you don’t want to have to worry about setting a script up, I can take care of it for you in 2 business days or less.

Please make sure that your web host supports PHP & MySQL. You will need both for me to do a proper installation.This listing covers the installation of one open-source script. Once a payment is made, will provide you with a link to a secure web form on my website where you will provide information on your website and the script that is to be installed. Once you fill that out, I will process the installation within1 to 2 business days and contact you when it’s complete or if I have any problems.

So If you have a PHP/MySQL/CGI script you would like installed on your web server and need it installed within 24 hours, this is  for you.

I will install any script that is written in php or perl/cgi and makes use of MySQL database.

Script Installation service includes:

• Configuring of all variables according to your web host parameters;
• Uploading all the necessary files with FTP client to your web host;
• Setting up all the file permissions to ensure proper logging and script functioning;

30-day Re-Installation Guarantee:
This install comes with a 30-day re-installation guarantee. For whatever reasons, if you want the script re-installed on the server with the same domain name, I will do it at no extra fee within 30 days after the first successful installation of the script..

What To Expect From this Service:

• Your script will be installed within 24 hours to 2 days from the time you have provided all the needed information.
• Your script will be installed in the most secure manner possible.
• Your script will be installed as intended by the author. There will be not be any customization done on the script for the price of the installation.
• After the work is completed, I will send you an e-mail detailing the work performed, relevant URLs, directories, the script’s passwords, etc. If your server does not meet the script’s stated requirements, I will notify you to inform your web host to make the necessary adjustments. If the script cannot be installed for some reason, I’ll refund your payment in full.

Before we go further, let me inform you: I’m assuming your web host is supporting PHP and MySQL and that your server allows the creation of one or more MySQL database(s). If you are not sure please check with your server administrator first.

In order to upload and properly configure a script I have to know your FTP login information. So please take my advice – before giving me your password you can change it to a temporary one. When I’m done, you can change your password to the one you are used to. I can’t be responsible for your site’s content after I leave it with the script(s) installed, so I’ll ask you to change the password afterwords anyway.

Before you buy my service, please make sure you already have the script, or show me the URL if it is a free or Open source script. When sending a script, please send it in its original form and in its entirety. Any missing file(s) will cause delays and may cause script malfunction. I will not spend unnecessary time correcting or debugging modified scripts. If you want to have an add-on/contribution script installed to a main script, I can only do so on top of a fresh script (main) installation.

This listing does not include the script itself, unless we have something in stock that we can allow you to use without breaching copyrights. If you do opt to use one of the scripts that we have in stock, then you will need to be aware that we did not write these scripts, and we cannot guarantee them.

Contact us to know me or read the following


Q: How long is this going to take?
A: Depending on client communication, it will take up to 2 business days. If I run into a problem and need more information or clarification, the client may be contacted and further progress will be on hold until a response is received.

Q: What methods of communication is offered?
A: E-mail support are offered as well as online live support . Some methods are provided here in this listing, and other will be provided once the task is started and payment complete.

Q: What if I need the script to be customized?
A: If you will ever need more work done on the script, it will be quoted at $20/hr. usually from 50$ or more depending on the time frame contact me to get quote for price.

Q: Why do I have to submit my information through a form, can’t I just email it to you?
A: Technically, you can. I prefer you use the form because you will know what information to provide, and you will be sending it over a secure connection. Email is not secure, and you should not be using it to send critical information such as passwords and other important credentials.

Q: What if a problem arises where you can’t install the script?
A: If for whatever reason, the script cannot be installed, you will be refunded in full of course.

Q: Can you make video tutorial for me to know how install My Script to my server ?
A: Yes it can be , send to request a Quote on it for each video plus script installed depending on script and how complex the installation.

Q: I’m not sure what script would work best for me, Can you help?
A: Certainly. Contact us for advice.

Q: What if I have other questions?
A: If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to put my response time to the test. Contact methods are provided right.


Requirements to be send :

Fill this form and send it after you finish the payment :

  • Script files (Zip file has all script requirements files)( Urgent Required After Payemnt)
  • FTP server login information. ( Optional )
  • Control Panel Login Information. ( Urgent Required After Payment)
  • MySQL login information if required for script. ( Optional )
  • Domain Name login information* If required to set up the domain DNS* ( Optional )