Terms and conditions

Terms & Conditions

Hello and welcome to Our Shop. Before using our site, please read the Terms & Conditions as specified below in our user agreement (henceforth the “Agreement” or “User Agreement”). All applicable terms and conditions are outlined fully in the User Agreement below so continuing use of this site will denote your agreement with all Terms & Conditions. Please cease use of this site immediately if you do not wish to be bound by this document because we will not grant permission for access to the website, resources or services.

All references to “we”, “our” and “us” constitute the same meaning and refer directly to Our Shop. They are used interchangeably throughout the Terms & Conditions unreservedly. You are referred to as “User” and all visitors to this website are bound by the terms every user must adopt to continue using the site. Your agreement and acceptance of the full User Agreement and Privacy Policy as expressly written and referred to below is essential before use of Our Shop and above and beyond this policy.

We reserve the full and unrestricted right to amend, alter, modify, add or remove the User Agreement or any terms laid out within as and when we deem it necessary without providing notice. Any changes are legally binding with immediate effect. However, we may provide alternations with a 30 day notice period at our discretion, although we are not duty bound to do so.

Copyrighted Materials

This website and all content, images, text, logos and other related elements are protected under both US and International applicable copyright laws. As such, none of the above elements may be reproduced or used in any way, shape or form without the express written consent of the owners of the site.

Licensing Restrictions 

Licensing rules and restrictions are applicable in relation to the content and images used within this site and all users must agree to abide by them without exception. Our Shop will not provide or enforce a minimum or maximum sales price for any product but will instead offer figures as suggested sales levels.

Legal User Age

No person or persons below the age of 18 are permitted to use this website, resources or services. No individual under the age of 18 is legally permitted to enter into a binding contract and thus CANNOT use this site under applicable law.


Our Shop shall not be deemed liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, special, incidental or consequential damages or arising issues in any given event. This is applicable in all cases, including negligence, regardless of whether it arises under contract, warranty, or tort.

Applicable laws do not and will not permit any limitation or exclusion of liability, incidental damages or consequential damages. As such, the above limitations may not actually apply in your specific case. In no case will the liability for damages sought from Our Shop exceed fees that have been paid for the service. This applies for all forms of action. However, this does not apply for factors that are beyond our reasonable control and we can thus take no responsibility for. This includes but is not limited to password issues, verification problems, server downtime, network outages or other external factors.

Our Shop makes no guarantee or warrant that coverage and the provision of services will be uninterrupted, error free, bug free or merit immediate solution of defects. Neither do we warrant that the site will remain completely free of viruses, Trojans and other harmful events and occurrences. Should any of the above occur, Our Shop will not be deemed liable for damages, whether direct, indirect, punitive, special, incidental or consequential. All products and services are thus provided on an as is basis.

Product download & Delivery & Updates:

We deliver the product after payment approved manually in 48 hours after payment complete, you will be getting email contents the link of the product.

and for updates you will be able to get updates for the product by login to your account in our site or talking to our live support or post ticket to rest your order and send by email new product update, you will need to give support only the order number to have the new update for product by email.

Passwords And User Information

Any passwords created, adopted or otherwise used by all users are the sole responsibility of the individual. As such, every user will guarantee that password, logon and verification information will not be shared, distributed or otherwise disclosed via electronic, verbal, written or otherwise communicative means. We reserve the right to terminate membership without providing notice or offering a refund at our sole discretion should this clause be breached in any way, shape or form.  Our Shop has no access to password information, either in full or in part. As such, we are unable to provide you with it in future. Instead, our system can provide you with a “Recover Password” function, which will email you instructions for a password reset should you need it.


The Terms & Conditions as laid out in the User Agreement are effective in full until either party chooses to terminate the agreement. You are only able to terminate said Agreement if you destroy all products and cease to use any services we have provided. All copies and replicas of said products and services have to be uninstalled, deleted, terminated or destroyed. However, failing to abide by these terms in any way, shape or form or undertaking a violation will immediately and irrevocably terminate said agreement. In this situation, no notice is required and no refund shall be given.

Users agree to full complicity with every domestic and international statute, law, ordinance, regulation and rule applicable to your use of Our Shop. Unrestricted use of this website constitutes full and unimpeded acceptance of the User Agreement and Terms & Conditions.

All membership to Our Shop is non-refundable and non-transferable. As such, additional agreement is required to all applicable licensing rules set by the creators or owners of any and all works on display in the Our Shop website. Failure to comply or violation of all Terms & Conditions or licensing restrictions will result in an immediate and irrevocable termination of membership with full forfeiture of reseller licenses.


If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the services of our shop after receipt of any services or electronic digital goods, our shop will work with you to try and resolve the issue. You are under no obligation to continue with our shop, and can cancel your membership at any time.

REFUNDS Due Dissatisfaction :

Under no circumstance does our shop provide refunds to dissatisfied customers. All services are accurately represented and explained within the shop website. For this reason, refund requests shall be ignored. It is the sole responsibility of YOU to read and understand what services and products our shop offers prior to signing up or buying a product or service.

Refund Policy

Since “Our Shop” is offering non-tangible irrevocable goods, and services we do not issue refunds once the order is accomplished and the product is delivered. As a customer you are responsible for understanding this upon purchasing any item at our site. However, we realize that exceptional circumstance can take place with regard to the character of the product we supply. We DO honor requests for refund for the following reasons. – non-delivery of the product: due to some mailing issues you do not receive a delivery e-mail from us; – download issues: it may happen so that you are having problems while downloading the product; On the quality front, we ensure proper quality management practices and our company is audited on a semi-annual basis by an external quality certification agency. Contact Us Please; mind that our Support Team is ready to provide you with timely and efficient professional assistance. Be sure that we will find the best convenient solution for your query. We will gladly review your problems per your contacting us via following means:  by live support, and ticket system, please, give it 24 hours to 48 hours for our Support Team to get back to you on the problem.

Requests for a refund are accepted only within the period of 1 day after the order is placed. You should accompany this request with detailed and grounded reasons why you apply for a refund. Please, make sure your request does not contradict our Terms and Conditions.

Any requested refund is subject to a $5 fee per request. This fee is to cover any charges made to us for said refund.

All items displayed in the Our Shop website are provided on an as is basis without a warranty. No warranties are guaranteed and thus any and all information to be found on the website may be withdrawn or found to be temporarily unavailable at any given time. This may be the result of updates, server downtime or other factors relevant to the administration of the website.
Infrequent errors may be found in the information on the Our shop website from time to time. Although we make an effort to maintain accuracy and ensure that the site is up to date and complete, we do not provide a guarantee to cover the information. We also fully reserve the right to update, edit and remove content and information at our sole discretion.


We provide NO WARRANTIES, whether express or otherwise implied. We specifically do not provide a guarantee or warrant fitness for a specific purpose or merchantability of our products or services.


By using this website, the user agrees that all Terms & Conditions are to be fully enforceable under the laws and jurisdiction of the State of Virginia in accordance with United States law. Furthermore, you also fully agree that the sole venue for any action that arises or occurs under the User Agreement shall be taken within the County of Chesterfield and State of Virginia. You also expressly consent to operating under the personal jurisdiction of the State and Federal Courts as determined above for all action arising from or by use of this website.


Providing information when you become an Our Shop member expressly grants us full permission to contact you as and when we deem necessary in relation to you membership. You reserve the right to request that communications cease but fully understand that doing so will invalidate and cancel membership with no refund necessary. Should any element of this Agreement become unenforceable, the remainder of said Agreement will remain intact and legally binding. We fully reserve the right to amend any of the provisions made in the Terms & Conditions at any time.

Affiliate Program Terms Of Use

Any modifications, amendments, additions or removals of information as presented in our original sales material must be fully and unreservedly approved by us prior to its employment. Similarly, if you choose to create your own materials then the same principles apply.

The Our Shop Affiliate Program is administered under strict anti-spam guidelines and affiliates must thus adhere to these terms. You must adhere to these conditions in accordance with the CAN SPAM ACT of 2003. Our Shop must not be promoted via spam materials and doing so will result in immediate termination of the affiliate agreement. You hereby agree to promote Our Shop in an ethical manner and within applicable laws. In addition, all Terms & Conditions that are deemed applicable to the website are applicable to affiliates without exception.

Affiliate Commissions earned are paid once a month as soon as earnings reach an aggregate total of US$100. Should you fail to reach this level during the month, all earnings are carried over until the limit has been accumulated. Alternatively, all commissions outstanding are paid at the end of each calendar year. Accounts are settled in full on December 31st.

Actions brought against any individual affiliate by the Federal Trade Commission or another public prosecutorial agency will render this agreement terminated with immediate effect. Regulation violations occurring via the Internet, electronic communications, mail order or written information constitutes a violation of the Terms & Conditions. Membership of the affiliate program will thus be confirmed with immediate effect.

The affiliate Terms & Conditions are subject to alteration, amendment, addition and removal at any given time. Confirmed changes will be posted here as and when they occur.

No Spam Policy

DO NOT use any services that we supply to send any form of communication that can be deemed to be spam. Spam includes but is not limited to the sending of electronic mail with a root and primary purpose of commercially advertising or promoting a product or service, whether or not the sender benefits directly or indirectly from it. Including any reference to Our Shop, its products and services, or resources in a message that can be deemed spam will constitute immediate termination of this agreement. Furthermore, any individual reported to us for sending spam will automatically and immediately be reported to the FTC for violating the 2003 CAN SPAM ACT.
Furthermore, mentioning Our Shop via name, brand, logo or implication in any form of in third party mailing, opt in lists, harvested email lists, newsgroups, chat facilities, forums or any other means of communication that has been deemed illegal by said Act is strictly prohibited.  Membership will be terminated immediately without notification and all existing or pending earnings will be forfeited. You will also accept all legal and financial responsibility for your actions whilst indemnifying Our Shop for any fault, liability or subsequent action.

Our Shop fully reserves unconditional rights to amend, correct, modify, remove, add or clarify this Agreement and the Terms & Conditions provided within at any given time without notice.